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Great Pyrenees

We pride our selves on raising puppies that are set up for success, either as Livestock Guardian Dogs or Family pets. This means rigorous testing for the parents, who are AKC registered, OFA or Pennhip certified, DM tested, and actively utilized as farm guardians and taken on regular outings to be socialized. 

Our puppies are born inside so we can socialize with them and work on body handling from the moment they are born but are moved outside by 4 weeks old to encourage them to explore, be adventurous and get used to being outside; storms and loud noises have nothing on these puppies when they leave here! We work on all the basics while here to get you a head start on training, they all are crate trained, have some leash work, are expected to remain calm during nail trimming, and are exposed to our other adult dogs, cats, livestock, and family and friends for socializing, all important things for any puppy, but especially one that will be around 100lbs as an adult. 

With all this work we put into our puppies you can bet we are picky with their 'fur'ever families, we will always do whatever it takes to keep a puppy from ending up in a shelter. That starts with serious reviewing and rejecting or accepting of applications(just because you put in an application in no way guarantees you one of our puppies), then pairing puppies whose temperaments fit with the lifestyle accepted applicants describe they will be exposed to, then strongly suggesting castration at 6 months to one year old to prevent unintended pregnancies, helping new owners work through training issues if they arise, and finally being willing to drive anywhere we have sent a puppy to pick up and give it a home here on our farm if the new owner no longer can. 

Scroll down to meet their parents, or click here to head over to our GoodDog page, see available puppies, and fill out an application. We do all of our Pyrenees related communication through our page to keep all communications streamlined and vetted. We will not answer communication about our Pyrenees through any other channel. 


Griffin is a beautiful example of his breed, and is a loyal and devoted father and guardian. He is very observant with all of his charges, from puppies to lambs to pigs to people, and knows exactly who should be where at all times!

Registered Name: Jayhawk's Gryyfindor

Color: White With Badger Markings


Willow is our first breeding female, and she is both a wonderful mother and livestock guardian! She has a sweet and fun personality and we frequently refer to her as ‘bouncy’. Where as our other Pyrs walk or run, she likes to add in a few joyful hops while she makes her rounds!

Registered Name: Well's Providence Willow Rose

Color: White

Awards: AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificate


Aka: Maze

Maze is our first European line female! She is long and elegant, but has a sweet and goofy personality. Her leash manners are excellent and she is a stellar and attentive mama!

Registered Name: Dignity Farm’s My Little Demon Mazikeen

 Color: White

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