Half Hog Deposit (7/28/22)

Half Hog deposit for the processing date of 6/30/22. 

Half Hog Deposit (7/28/22)

  • All of our feeders get ample pasture and hay, and more than their fair share of local veggies, fruits, nuts, and goat milk whey in addition to their daily grain ration.  To secure one simply head over to our shop and purchase the number of Half hog deposits you would like(2 for a whole hog) for the processing date you would like. Then at about 8-10 months old the now 225-275lb live weight pig will be taken to our local processor(Chet and Bills in Marshfield) for you. You then pay us the remainder of its cost based on hanging weight(subtracting your deposit). At that point the processor will call you and ask how you would like your pork cut, and you pay them based on your choice of cuts(this varies on if you want more or less smoked and cured). Then once your pork is ready (about 2-3 weeks depending on if you got cuts cured or not), you can either head out to pick up your pork from Chet and Bills or have us deliver it from them to you($1.50/ mile from Chet and Bills to where you choose to have us take it).

    Whole and half hogs:

    Deposit for half hog $100

    Deposit for whole hog $200

    Whole hog(2 or more Halves) is $5.25lb hanging weight(~195lbs)

    Half hog $5.75/lb hanging weight (~97.5lbs)

    Processor fees usually average around $1/lb but depend on how much you get cured or smoked.

    For the average whole hog person getting a 195lb hanging weight hog that comes out to:

    Farmers share

    195lbs x $5.25/lb=$1,023.75 paid to us($200 of that as deposit and remaining ~$823.75 at your processor date) to cover the piglet, feed, hay, fencing repairs, equipment, pasture seed, trees, transportation, and labor ect.

    Processors share

    195lbs x ~$1/lb= $195. (This is for the basic stuff but includes kill fees, disposal fees, and all packaging, with about 20lbs of it made into sausage, and hams and bacon cut but uncured. The price goes up a little bit if want all bacon and hams and such cured and smoked, and if you want bratwursts.

    So your total average cost to put a whole hog from our pasture to in your freezer is $1,218.75. Keep in mind that from that hanging weight, unless you request heart, liver, kidneys, and all bones and fat back(which we strongly suggest you do) your pick up weight will be around 20% less than hanging weight.


    Now you’ll notice we said “Average” a lot. This is because nothing in farming is ever certain. Due to a myriad of factors sometimes they grow faster or slower, sometimes processing appointments are farther apart or closer together than we intend due to availability. This means we could be taking in a 200lb hog(156lbs hanging) or a 300lb hog(234lbs hanging), but since we charge according to hanging weight you will only be charged for the meat you get, not a flat rate per head like some farms.