Bat House
  • Our bat houses are built following the suggestions and guidelines from the Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation, and we hope very soon to have them certified through them. This makes sure that your bat house from us provides the absolute best home for bats,

    and lasts as long as possible backed by years of research from one of the worlds leading bat experts. For amazing info from them on best placement for your area and why you should invite bats to your property follow the link below:

    Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation

    Constructed of untreated 1/2" cedar for rot resistance, chewing insect deterrence, and added roughness for bat gripping.Dimensions: 34.5" tall15" wide(at the body) 17" wide at the roof4" deep body, 5.5" deep including roof The two chambers are each 3/4" deep, and ~14 inches wide which is the optimal chamber depth and the minimum preferred width. The outermost chamber is ~22" tall, and the back chamber is ~27" tall, both of which have landing pads that are 5"long before the chamber starts.Ventilation is provided by two routered 4" long vent slots on each side. The landing pads and front and back interior spaces are grooved 1/16th-1/18" horizontally every 1/2" to make sure the bats have plenty to grip onto in addition to the roughcut cedar. There is a 1-1/2" hole between chambers in the middle to allow movement of the bats without the need to venture outside and risk predators, and allow them to more easily move as thetemperature changes throughout the day. To ensure that no stray nails can injure the bats living in our houses we opted to not use any, the main structure is held together with sliding dovetail joints and titebond 3 exterior wood glue, with each horizontal board shiplapped together this ensure a tight, safe, and water resistant structure. The roof is attached with 4 stainless steel exterior screws, and the hanging hardware with another 4 stainless steel exterior screws for added strength. To wrap the entire thing up, the exterior of the structure is stained with walnut stain, then sealed with 3 coats of helmsman Spar urethane, and then all joints sealed with window and door silicone.

    Bat House

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