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Idaho Pasture Pigs

This unique breed of pigs has been a saving grace for us and we love to sing their praise. Before finding them we almost quit raising pigs all together because of the damage our old crossbred feeder pigs caused to our pastures. Now we jokingly call these our "sheep that make bacon", because these pigs cause less damage than our herd of sheep did and produce exponentially more food than they did, on half the grain ration our old pigs did. We love the looks on peoples faces when they come out and see how lush our pastures are and can't believe how many pigs we have on them. 

We want you to succeed when raising this awesome breed so we do our absolute best to be available to answer any questions we can that you may have for the entire life of your pigs, so always feel free to reach out!



With how much we love this breed, ensuring we only put out great IPPs is very important to us. Here are some things we do to ensure you get the best possible IPPs Breeders or Feeders from us:


-We have sourced our breeding stock from some of the best IPP farms all across the country including Oregon, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Kansas, and retaining some of the best from our own litters.

-We only sell the best of our piglets retaining any less than perfect gilts, or smaller than average individuals to feed out on our farm, which means we only chose 2-3 piglets as breeders(never more than 25-33% of a litter)  and often only 3-4 as feeder barrows out of a litter of 8+.


-All of our breeders are routinely vaccinated with farrowsure, and dewormed with Ivermectin.

-We work closely with two different vets, as well as Caleb having college level animal science courses, and 13+ years of hands on agricultural experience to address health issues should they arise.



-Our herd is rotated through our pasture for the bulk of the year(when not with active litters on them) so that we can actively select for true grazing pigs, that work on pasture the way they should.

-We offer a 1 year guarantee on registered Breeders. If as your breeder piglet grows and matures we don’t feel it still meets our standards for what a great IPP should look or act like, or if they don’t breed at 8-9 months old having followed our recommendations for feed and mineral and worked to ensure its not the other of the pair to blame, we will replace it with a new breeder piglet, at the price of a feeder piglet and delivery fees or CVI if they apply.

Join our waitlist for piglets!

Spring 23' Breeders  Full! Only Barrows left!

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Waitlist form:

Piglets are weaned at 6 weeks old and given Ivermectin directly before pick up. Pricing is as follows:

Feeder barrows: $150 each($140 for 5 or more)
Registered breeders: $500 each
CVIs*: $50 + any additional tests required
Delivery: $1.50/ mile one way(Optional)

Deposits are non refundable and are required to be on the waitlist.

*CVI's only required for piglets crossing statelines.


The process to join the waitlist: 
1. Fill out the form above

2. Within one week you should receive a sales contract and deposit payment                                methods.

3. Sign and email back contract

4. Pay deposit

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Check Out Our FAQ's Sheet For Raising IPPs From Us!

Meet our Herd

Below you can find a picture and a little bit of info about each of our breeders. Keep in mind that if you are wanting a breeder from a particular sow it may increase your time on the waitlist as it is first come first served. 



MCF Bandit G0072

DOB: 02/19/2019
Wattles: 2
Color: Tricolor
Litters sired: 24
Underline: ? 

Weight: 504lbs at 3 years old

Pants comes from Mouse Creek Farm in Pennsylvania. He has done a great job siring 3-5 litters twice a year and has never missed a breeding. 
This Fella has moved on to Waltz Ave. Farm as of Jan. 22nd, but will still have two litters born spring '22 here, and his son is his replacement here


DCP Triton I0871

DOB: 04/12/2021
Wattles: 0
Color: Black & White
Underline: 6/7 

Weight: 170lbs at 6 months

Benedict comes from Duck Creek Pastures in Wisconsin. Spring 22' will be his first sired litters and we can't wait to see how they turn out from this handsome fella!


GTF Bandit I1524

DOB: 07/11/2021
Wattles: 2
Color: Cream
Underline: 7/8

Weight: 30lbs at 3 months

Toast is our line bred boar back to MCFs Black Bart. After three litters to try and get the perfect boar out of that pairing I think we finally have it in this handsome gentleman. 



SAV Fate E0833

DOB: 12/09/2017
Wattles: 1
Color: Black/White
Underline: 7/7 no faults
Weight: 423lbs at 4 years old

Show scores:

21' virtual: 86.5/100

Litter sizes: 4, 13, 12, 9

Biscuit is our oldest gal (don't tell the others but also Mr. Green Thickets favorite), and comes from Savanah Acres in Ohio. She is also the mother of 2 time Best in Show winning "Trojan", and Best Female winning Oatmeal


GTF Fate G0375

DOB: 06/25/2019
Wattles: 0
Color: Black/White
Underline: 7/7 no faults
Weight: 388lbs at 2 years

Show scores:

21' virtual: 90.5/100(Best Female and Sow classes)

Litter sizes: 4, 8, 13

Oatmeal is the daughter of Biscuit and littermate to Trojan, and is a gorgeous looking sow in her own right. This gal is just about everything we want in our herd


MCF Jodi G0059

DOB: 02/12/2019
Wattles: 2
Color: Tri-color
Underline: 6/6 no faults
Weight: 319lbs at 2 years

Litter sizes: 5, 7

Muffin comes from Mouse Creek Farm in Pennsylvania. She is by far our lovey doviest sow and always is the first to greet you begging for scratches and food.


LLA Pepper H0482

DOB: 04/17/2020
Wattles: 0
Color: Ginger
Underline: 6/6 no faults
Weight: 342lbs at 18 months

Show scores:

21' virtual: 81.2/100

Litter sizes: 4

Dottie is our gal from Luna Acres in Kansas, and absolutely loves her belly rubs any chance she has to get them. 


RHF2 Jingle H0612

DOB: 06/16/2020
Wattles: 0
Color: Ginger
Underline: 7/7 no faults
Weight: 261lbs at 16 months

Show scores:

21' virtual: 74.3/100

Litter sizes: 11

Donut comes from Rainier Heritage Farm in Oregon, and seriously impresses us with her mothering ability based off her large first litter, all of which weaned at amazing size. 

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