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Green Thicket Farm

Registered IPPs | Pastured Pork | Wildlife Habitat Supplies


True Grazing Pigs

Regenerative Pork and True Grazing Pigs

While we have raised a lot of livestock in the past, nowadays we just raise what makes us happy while still helping us work towards our regenerative farming goals. Our Idaho Pasture Pigs


If you've been here before and know what you want, click below to head to our store. 

Wildlife Habitat Restoration Supplies

We want to make the biggest impact we can to positively effect the environment around us, so we are proud to be able to make and supply these items to others that share those same goals.

To further that impact we pledge that for every 10 of any style of the Bat, Bee, or Bird houses sold we will donate 1 of that style to an environmental non-profit or public educational area. If you are one of these please reach out so we can add you to our list for when these become available for free to your organization!

Bat Houses

Bee Houses

Bird Houses



cutsheet vector.png

We love our breeder pig! She is sweet as pie and we can't wait to see her babies running around in the future.

A Craig


Koshkonong, MO

December 2021

Easy and secure payment through PayPal. Frequent updates on purchase and delivery through Facebook Messenger. Great product. I definitely recommend ordering through them.

Brian Ledlow

American Persimmon

Salem Alabama


We have loved having our half hog in the freezer (processed into cuts to fit our needs at the butcher). Klaire and Caleb truly care about their animals’ health and happiness. A ton of thought and energy goes into their operation and it really translates into quality meat! They kept us in the loop every step of the way and made the whole process super easy. We will do it again!


1/2 hog

Springfield, MO

Fall 2021

Communication was great! The seeds arrived in a timely manner, packaged nicely and in great shape. Would definitely make another purchase in the future!

John Dias

Persimmon seeds

Lawrence, MA


I bought a bat house from Green Thicket Farms and it just came in the mail. VERY well built with amazing attention to detail. I can't wait to hang it and hopefully encourage a healthy bat population on my property! Thanks GTF!

Jennifer Twait

Bat House

Weatherford, TX





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